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For a thoroughbred which they often say that they are not "quite right in the head" she is pretty cool. Anula was originally in Athens and trained to be a race horse. Later she came to Crete and changed there several times her owners. When she came to us she was very spoilt, and absolutely difficult to handle, she was not ridden for several years and did not lift her hooves. She reared when something did not fit her and ran away like a crazy cow. Today she is a dream horse.

Nickname Anulou and Nulli
(Thoroughbred, born 1998, 154 cm)
(Ungarian warmblood born 1988, 168 cm)
Nickname Folli orr Uncle Folli
Loulou is our mascot, a real treasure everybody loves her. In the open stable,she usually come
first running over to you. She is always friendly, curious and in a good mood. She is the boss in the stable, Loulou our Filou is not only an incredibly beautiful pony with a beautyful charisma,she is also sensitive and aktive. In the ridingarea  she runs like a rocket.
She is very kind with the young riders they can lead, clean and saddle her by themselves. During the riding lessons, she is
versatile and very patient with her novice riders. Advanced riders will be tested.

(Mini-Shetlandpony, born 2002, 93cm,)
Nickname Louli

This little sweety is a real pony - headstrong, intelligent, with lots of charm. The children can easyly take her out of the stables,clean, and saddle her. She is very versatile and patiently with beginners. .
She is testing advanced riders how far she can go to do her own thing,  then she really showes her pony stubbornness, but that never lasts for long. All in all,she is just a sweet heart, you can only love.

(ShettyPony-Mix, born. about 2004,105cm)
Nickname Rainy
Wrochi (rain)
Due to the harsh living conditions on the barren island of Skyros horse stunted their present small pony size. They are content with very little food and reach a high age).

(Skyros Pony (horse), born. 2006-2007, 114 cm)
Nickname Beauts
She is very sensitive and wants to be brushed gently. She is ridden by beginners and advanced. She goes well on the lunge and is very well behaved in class. She  is easy to ride, she likes to go for hacks and follows safely. At feeding time she shouts the loudest and you'd think the poor horse is starving. A tasty treat is not enough for her she wants them all.

If the riding lesson is too boring, she pushes the cones over. One or the other child  dreamsto take this friendly pony home to bed.

Beauty is very intelligent and willing to learn, we have her since may , we bought her together with her foal from a horse dealer. Both had worms and Beauty was starved to skin and bones. It dident take long for her to settle in, she was completely panicky, especially frightened of men.
Sometimes she still quite anxious, excited when jumping, eager in dressage. She is our most aktive pony and not really appropriate for beginners. She only gives a100% if the rider does. The kids love for her beautiful canter and her foreward going.
March 2007 came as a follow emaciated skeleton to us. It was months in a very narrow and dirty box where he could not even turn around. He was lame on all fours and just stood in one place, we moved him daily for 5 minutes and then gradually increased the running time. From day to day was better for him, unfortunately he can only slow, but every day he could walk better.
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Follow suffers from arthritis so we move it a day at least half an hour. The movement keeps him fit and well. It is hardly possible with in class, he should enjoy the rest of his life, but he can daily in the area. In the area he is very happy running. He is a very nice guy and a great treasure "our best horse in the stable. " He loves kids and foals, and is backed by outstanding
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